Contabo 也发布了自己的 Object 服务 兼容s3 api

09.03.2022: Introducing All-Inclusive Object Storage
Today we are introducing Contabo Object Storage, a new way to store data in the cloud cheaper and without any hidden fees.
Our Object Storage not only cost less, but also offers more transparency and predictability. It comes at just one all-inclusive rate: $2.99/€2.49 per month for each slice of 250 GB with unlimited traffic, no hidden fees for number of objects, metadata or data retrievals as well as no long-term commitments. If you expect your data to grow, you can also allow auto-scaling with a cap to get flexibility and keep costs under control at the same time.
Contabo Object Storage can be used independently from other Contabo products. Object Storage is initially available in Europe, with US and Asia coming up in the next 30 days. It can be managed both via web interface and S3-compatible API.
On launch we offer a special 20% lifetime discount for limited time only.
Check out Contabo Object Storage at

更多介绍查看: Object Storage: S3-Compatible with Free Data Transfer

阶梯计费,每次需要购买 250GiB。 流量免费。

相比于 Wasabi 没有最小存储 90 天的限制