iDrive e2 流量策略

How does the free egress policy in IDrive® e2 work?

The free egress policy in IDrive® e2 is designed to ensure that users can store, download, and access data at a reasonable rate without burdening our service. Here are the guidelines used to determine a good fit use case for e2’s egress policy.

Good fit - If the monthly egress (download) is less than or equal to thrice the storage volume.

Example: If you store 100 TB with IDrive® e2 and download 300 TB or less within a monthly billing cycle, then your storage use case is a good fit for our policy.


  • If your use case exceeds the guidelines of our free egress policy, we reserve the right to charge $0.01/GB/Month. In the case of free accounts, your account will be suspended.
  • Up to 10 Gbps connection speed available for egress.